Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  1. About Us:

Welcome to Plan.it platform, mobile App and its related technologies and
functionalities (collectively, the “Services”).

These services are operated by Revival Lab, under the laws of Saudi Arabia
with company registration # 2050123212, (hereinafter referred to as
“Revival Lab”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). In this Agreement (as defined below),
“you” or “User” refers to any individual who uses and/or accesses the

  1. Agreement:

This user agreement of service, our Privacy Policy and the other policies
and information published or made available through the Services
(collectively, this “Agreement”) are the terms and conditions on which we
provide you with use of, and access to, the Services. This Agreement tells
you who we are, how we will provide the Services to you, what we expect
from Users of the Services, what activities are permitted, and what
activities are not permitted, on or in connection with the Services, what
to do if there is a problem and other important information.

Revival Lab has the right to modify this Agreement, at any time, with
effect in its services including mobile applications, web platforms and
other products.

It is important to note that such modification will be effective
immediately upon either posting of the modified Agreement in this section
or through other communication channels. It is advisable that you review
this Agreement periodically to ensure full awareness and compliance and you
agree that your continued use of Revival lab products with the updated
terms and conditions.

  1. Services:

1) The Services allow a User using Plan.it platform to create, initiate,
share social events with other users within Plan.it calendar or any other

2) Revival Lab may allow you to download apps free of charge.

  1. User rights and responsibilities:

1) User has the right to be informed, if there is any change in this
agreement either by apps notification, e-mail or SMS.

2) User has the right to access, rectify, erase and restrict any processing
on their personal information any time.

3) User has the right to download all their personal information.

4) User has the right to object any processing on their personal
information by reaching us through the contact information below ( Contact Us)

5) User should commit to ethics and values and should refrain from insult
and abuse of the service.

6) User is responsible for maintaining and keeping their account password
safe, any activities performed on user’s account as a result of his
negligence or failure to maintain the confidentiality of their data, the
user bears all its consequences.

  1. Privacy Policy:

You understand that before your use of the Services, you need to consent to
the collection and use of your data and information, as set forth in the
Privacy Policy. You need to read it before you use or access the Services.
(Privacy Policy)

  1. Security:

Revival Lab is keen to ensure that the application is free from viruses,
spyware, malware cookies or any other harmful content with reasonable and
appropriate efforts, however plan.it-today or Revival Lab does not
guarantee nor bear responsibility for any damages that may affect user’s
mobile or any other device utilizing any of Revival lab’s services, from
viruses, hacks or spyware, user is solely responsible for protecting his

  1. Sign-in using Google Account :


Plan.it provides an option for user to sign-in using google account:

1) Paln.it will use only name, email address, and profile picture
associated with Google account to create user profile and for sign-in.

2) The user has the right to stop and remove this access from his google
account setting:

1. Under Security setting.

2. Find- Signing in to other sites” and choose Signing in with Google.

3. Choose “Plan.it” to remove Remove Access.

  1. Third Party Calendar :

Plan.it provides an option for user to import or/and synchronize events
with other calendar like google calendar:

1) This feature should be enabled and authorized by the user from setting

2) The user has the right to disable this feature and revoke the
authorization anytime.

3) All the imported/synchronized events are private by default and visible
only to the user, unless the user decides to share it with his network or
make it public.

4) User has the liberty to synchronize with any or all calendars under his
google account, or he can just select and import some events.

  1. Eligibility:

We require our users to be at least 15 years old to access or use any of
Revival lab platforms and services.

  1. Impersonation:

Impersonation by name or subdomain is not allowed and Revival lab has the
right to take adequate legal actions if needed.

  1. Revival Lab rights and responsibilities:

1) Modifications of Terms and Conditions: We have the right to modify terms
and conditions if needed and whenever adequate.

2) Revival Lab has full Intellectual property rights in and to the
information (in any form including without limitation text, graphical,
video and audio), images, icons, apps, designs, software, scripts,
programs, copyright, trademarks, trade names, logos, and other materials
and services available on or through the Services, including its look and
feel (collectively, “Our Content”).The user is prohibited from posting,
copying or transmitting any of our content including their profile.

3) Access Restrictions: Revival lab has the right to block any user from
accessing Revival lab products, platforms and services if they are not in
compliance with these terms and conditions.

4) Inactive Accounts: Revival lab has the right to remove inactive accounts
under the duration that Revival lab sees adequate.

5) Removal and Blocking of Content and Accounts: Revival lab has the right
to block or remove content and accounts for any reason it sees adequate. In
addition, you acknowledge that we have your consent to monitor and block
content that we consider to be harassing or bullying.

6) Communications: Revival lab has the right to send SMS
or e-mail users with what Revival lab sees adequate with the option to
unsubscribe from notification SMS or E-mails.

  1. Termination or Suspension:

1) Both Parties “you or Revival Lab” may terminate this Agreement at any
time and for any reason.

2) User can terminate this agreement by signing out and deleting their

3) This Agreement will terminate immediately, without notice, if you fail
to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

4) Subject to applicable law, Revival Lab may temporarily or permanently
suspend, cancel, impose limits on or restrict your access to parts or all
of the Services at any time, without assuming liability for any individual
or third party.

5) We also reserve the right to terminate, impose limits on, cancel,
suspend or restrict your access to parts or all of the Services:

1. In response to requests by law enforcement or other government agencies
under valid legal process;

2. In order to carry out urgent maintenance work or urgent updates to
systems or hardware; or

3. Due to unexpected technical, safety, business or security reasons.

  1. Indemnity:

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you will hold harmless
and indemnify the Revival Lab Parties from any claim, suit or action
arising from or related to (Your Content, Your use of the Services, Your
violation or breach of any of this Agreement, Your infringement of
third-party intellectual property or any other rights or Similar actions or
violations by any person using your account, including in each instance any
liability, damages, expense, litigation costs and lawyer’s fees arising
from such claim, suit, or action, including any claim for negligence. You
undertake and agree to promptly assist and co-operate as fully as
reasonably required by any of the Revival Lab Parties in the defense of any
such claim or demand. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume
the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification
by you

  1. Limits of Responsibility:

All communicated content initiated/ created by user through plan.it-today
platform is the responsibility of the user and Revival lab is not
responsible for its content or any damage that could result from this
content or the use of any of the services.

  1. Governing Law:

You agree that the Services provided by Revival lab shall be subject to all
the applicable regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any dispute
shall be before the courts of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Acceptance of this Agreement:

Please read this Agreement carefully. By clicking on the agree button and
accessing or using the Services, you are entering into a binding legal
agreement with us and are agreeing to this Agreement. If there is anything
you do not understand in this Agreement or the other policies and
information published or made available through the Services, please
contact us using the contact information below.

  1. Contact Us

You can contact us using the “Contact Us”

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